Transcending Limits


To enable additive manufacturing to enrich the everyday life experiences of people and turn AM into an essential vehicle that drives societal transformation.


We create with passion, designing and developing transformational proprietary technologies to empower a wide range of integrated solutions that enhance our collective daily life experiences.


A leading-edge company comprised of industry experts with years of experience in multiple disciplines, dedicated to developing innovative solutions in additive manufacturing processes that utilize optoelectronics.

Our History

Axtra3D, Inc. specializes in developing advanced additive manufacturing solutions based on optoelectronics. Founded in 2021 around an exciting patent portfolio, the team organized around providing proof of concept. Once Hybrid PhotoSynthesis was proven on alpha machines, the company attracted investors to commercialize and bring HPS technology to market.
At Formnext 2022, Axtra3D launched the X1 Series Printers which are powered by its patented breakthrough technologies: Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS), TruLayer Technology, and the Intelli-Cartridge. Together these technologies end the tradeoffs of previous SLA/DLP systems and deliver fine resolution, large print area, excellent surface quality, and high speed in one machine.
Axtra3D is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, USA with a subsidiary in Vicenza, Italy.

Patented Technologies

Axtra3D has a portfolio of 12 patents (pending and approved) and growing. These portfolio of patents enable Axtra3D’s proprietary technologies such as Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS), TruLayer Technology, and the Intelli-Cartridge which in turn power its X1 Series Printers.

The Axtra3D Team

Gianni Zitelli

Chief Executive Officer

Praveen Tummala

Chief Operations Officer

Federico Iacovella

Chief Products & Innovation Officer

Paul Spoliansky

Chief Revenue Officer

Leonardo Costa

VP AxtraAcademy

Gioia della Giustina, PhD

VP Materials

Daniele Porra

Head of AxtraLab

Alessandro Sala

VP Mechatronics Development

Paola Zanzola, PhD

VP Optoelectronics Development

Federico Bastianello

VP Software Development

Paolo Astegno

Head of Mechanical Development

Andrea Basso

Software Engineer

Board of Directors

Gianni Zitelli

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Praveen Tummala

Co-Founder, Director & Secretary

Frank Carsten Herzog

Managing Partner
HZG Group

Alexander F.L. Bürhaus

Chief Investment Officer
HZG Fund Management GMBH

Bhargav Mandava

SVP - IT & Professional Services
EPSoft Technologies

Advisory Board Members

Joshua Kushner

General Counsel

Mark Wehde

Advisory Board Member
Chair of Innovation, Mayo Clinic

Enrico Corrà

Advisory Board Member - Dental Market

Prof Lawrence T. Drzal

Advisory Board Member
Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces
Michigan State University

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