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Step into the growing ecosystem of materials developed by the best chemistry companies on the planet. Henkel Loctite, Covestro, Evonik, Keystone, BASF, and many more. Don’t see the material that you’d like to use? No problem! We’re here to help.
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Engineering Resins

Henkel - Loctite® 3D IND3380™

Electrostatic Dissipative Properties, Excellent Stiffness and Versatility

This material is a high-temperature resistant resin with electrostatic dissipating (ESD) capabilities and high stiffness. It has a smooth surface finish, impressive chemical resistance, and a high HDT of 190°C. It’s a reliable option for tooling applications, jigs, and fixtures.

Evonik - Infinam FR® 4100 L

Flame-Retardant, Mechanically Durable, Excellent Surface Finish

Designed for the manufacture of robust, ductile, and flame-resistant components, catering to the stringent requirements of the aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries. Upon curing, this resin exhibits exceptional flame retardancy, self-extinguishing within 10 seconds and displaying a maximum afterglow time of 30 seconds. It meets rigorous flammability standards, holding a UL 94 V-0 flame retardancy rating at 3mm, and is also fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) rated. It exhibits impressive elongation at break, superior surface finish, and tactile properties. It is a liquid at room temperature, facilitating easy handling and processing.

3D Systems - Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10

Excellent Mechanical Properties, Exceptional Throughput, Direct Production of Plastic Parts

Offers tool-less, same-day production for various applications. Fast print speed and exceptional throughput. High precision resin producing parts with a smooth surface finish and sidewall quality, and has excellent mechanical properties and long-term environmental stability.

Henkel Loctite® 3843™

High Impact Resistance, High Strength, Moderate Temperature Resistance, Bio-Compatible, Versatile for Various Applications

High-strength engineering material with good impact resistance. Ideal for a wide variety of tooling applications on the production floor. Suggested applications include manufacturing aids, jigs and fixtures, and housings and covers.

Colors: Matte Black, White, Clear
Biocompatibility for White Resin: ISO 10993-5/-23 passed

Evonik - Infinam ST® 6100L

High Precision, Excellent Mechanical Properties, High Temperature Resistance, High Accuracy and Good Surface Finish

Offers high-precision parts with exceptional mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, toughness, and impact resistance. This material is also resistant to chemicals and high temperatures, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Moreover, the material's exceptional accuracy and surface finish make it an ideal choice for applications that demand high levels of detail and quality, including the production of molds, models, and tooling, as well as parts for the aerospace, automotive, or electronic industries.

BASF - Ultracur3D® RG 3280

Ceramic-Filled Resin, Exceptionally High Stiffness, High Temperature Resistance, Excellent Surface Finish, Fast and Easy to Print

Ceramic-filled composite material offering an extremely high stiffness around 10 GPa and an HDT above 280°C. This material finds applications in tooling, molding, and wind tunnel testing. Despite the high particle loading, the viscosity is kept low and the settling of particles is limited, making this resin very easy to handle and print.

3D Systems - Figure 4® Hi-Temp 300-AMB

High-Temperature Resistant, Translucent, Impressive Visualization Properties

Ultra-high temperature plastic for use in applications requiring high heat resistance. With a heat deflection temperature of over 300°C at both low and high stress (HDT at 0.455 and 1.82 MPa), this material is well suited for the testing of high temperature components. Does not require a secondary thermal post-cure.

3D Systems - Functional Figure 4® Tough Clear

Clear, Production-Grade Material, Long-Term Stability and Clarity

Delivers a versatile combination of mechanical stability and properties suitable for functional prototyping or end-use parts. Offers high light transmission that can be made fully transparent with post-processing.

General Purpose Resins

Spot A - S-Pro Engineering

Prototyping, High Resolution, Minimal Shrinkage, Fast and Easy to Print

Delivers high resolution, minimal shrinkage, and fast and easy printing. This material is ideal for prototyping applications, and it maintains high dimensional stability.

Healthcare & Dental Resins

3D Systems - Figure 4® MED-WHT 10

Bio-compatible, Sterilizable, High-Temperature Resistant, Highly Accurate

Rigid, white material for a range of medical and industrial applications, including when biocompatibility, sterilization and/or thermal resistance is required. Capable of meeting ISO 10993-5 and -10 standards for biocompatibility (cytoxicity, sensitization and irritation), this material can also be sterilized by autoclave. Delivers highly accurate parts and excellent feature resolution with high definition.

Keystone - KeyModel Ultra™

Dental and Orthodontic Models, Fast Print Speed, Impressive Surface Detail, High Accuracy

Engineered with ultra-fast technology, this material enables lightning-speed printing without compromising accuracy. Its easy thermoforming release, coupled with a quick-release agent, simplifies the post-processing stage, allowing for efficient and seamless model extraction. Designed for 3D printing of next-gen dental and orthodontic models.

KeyStone - KeyOrtho Model®

High-Speed and Accurate Prints, High Accuracy, Thermoforming Aligners and Orthodontic Devices

Made with a focus on accuracy, low shrinkage and high speed, this material is tailor-made for those who demand excellence in their prints. Ideal for the rapid production of thermoforming aligners and orthodontic devices.

KeyStone - KeyGuide

Extremely High Accuracy, Clear, Biocompatible, Autoclavable for Sterilization

Clear, stiff, durable and biocompatible (class I) resin designed for 3D printing highly accurate surgical guides. It's indicated for intra-oral use in guided dental implant surgery and for placing implants at a precise angle and depth by a dental professional. Can withstand the forces of guided surgery in the oral cavity.

Castable Resins


Extremely High Resolution, Low Viscosity, Suitable for Direct Casting of Jewelry

Provides no bleeding and zero shrinkage of parts. This resin offers very good burn out properties for direct casting - like extremely low thermal expansion and 100% ash-free burnout. Delivers models with exceptional detail and resolution. Suitable for light jewelry with sharp details, highly detailed parts and filigrees.

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