Axtra3D Announces 3D Printing Veteran Rajeev Kulkarni as Chief Strategy Officer

Axtra3D Rajeev CSO

March 6, 2024, Charlotte, NC – Axtra3D, Inc., a rising leader in advanced additive manufacturing, today announces the appointment of 3D printing industry pioneer and veteran Rajeev Kulkarni as the company’s new Chief Strategy Officer.

Effective March 4, 2024, as the company’s CSO, Kulkarni is poised to develop Axtra3D’s path toward sustainable growth as its technologies become more entrenched in global installations.

Kulkarni’s experience in 3D printing spans decades of executive leadership. He is a seasoned entrepreneur whose rich history in the 3D printing field traces back to the early 1990s. Most recently, Kulkarni served as the Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development at 3D Systems. His extensive expertise spans technical realms, business strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As a co-founder of two angel funds, he has proven to be an invaluable angel investor, steering numerous ventures toward their full potential.

Axtra3D’s CEO Gianni Zitelli says of the company’s new Chief Strategy Officer, “Rajeev, as a pioneering innovator, played a pivotal role in the invention of multiple 3D printing platforms. His wealth of experience in 3D printing, spanning R&D leadership, business creation, and M&A activities, positions him as a crucial leader for Axtra3D as it continues to innovate and offer cutting-edge 3D printing solutions for industrial and healthcare professionals. Rajeev’s proficiency in applying 3D printing technologies and business strategies to facilitate distinctive applications is poised to make a substantial contribution to Axtra3D’s growth.”

Axtra3D’s Strategic Growth

As a part of the senior leadership at Axtra3D, Kulkarni’s responsibilities include strategic planning and execution, corporate and business development, product-market fit, partnerships, and the development of a growth strategy and plan.

“Axtra3D’s technology marks a noteworthy advancement in SLA technology by seamlessly integrating throughput, part fidelity, and print reliability. It achieves this without necessitating a compromise in any of these aspects across diverse applications. The technology’s versatility in industrial and healthcare applications, coupled with the innovative spirit of the team, played pivotal roles in influencing my decision to join this organization,” says Kulkarni.

With Axtra3D opening its corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina in late 2023, the company has been ramping up its availability and installation of advanced 3D printing technologies. Axtra3D also operates a subsidiary in Vicenza, Italy, ensuring global reach for its unique offerings.

Spanning dental, medical, and industrial applications, Axtra3D’s technology portfolio is capable of addressing needs for accurate, repeatable, reliable, and high-speed manufacturing with end-use part quality.

Zitelli emphasizes, “We are thrilled to welcome Rajeev as the CSO to guide all aspects of the company towards sustainable growth. This appointment marks a significant milestone for Axtra3D, ensuring that our innovative 3D printing solutions deliver unique value for our customers and channel partners.”

About Axtra3D


Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, USA with a subsidiary in Vicenza, Italy, Axtra3D, Inc. specializes in developing advanced additive manufacturing solutions based on optoelectronics. Founded in 2021, it is making notable strides with its Hi-Speed SLA technology by seamlessly integrating print throughput, part fidelity, and part size across multiple industrial and healthcare applications.

Central to its flagship Lumia X1 3D Printer, is the HPS technology that empowers the creation of exceptionally high-resolution parts as well as large flats at a very high throughput. TruLayer, a layer transition and separation technology, facilitates the rapid detachment of the active print layer, seamlessly transitioning to the next layer. The synergy between HPS and TruLayer technology results in a remarkable 2X-8X enhancement in print throughput compared to conventional photopolymer technologies and is agnostic to the layer surface area. With expertise in molds, general prototyping, small to medium production, and dental models, Axtra3D continues to redefine manufacturing standards and shape the future of the industry.

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