Axtra3D® announces the launch of functional ESD material to advance its Axtra Solutions™ portfolio.

Axtra3D is pleased to announce the qualification and the immediate availability of the Loctite® 3D IND3380™ for ESD resistance for the Hi-Speed SLA Lumia X1. 

Jun 26, 2024, Charlotte, NC – Axtra3D, Inc., a rising leader in advanced additive manufacturing, announces the qualification and the immediate availability of Loctite® 3D IND3380™ from Henkel® for the Lumia X1.

The Loctite® 3D IND3380 offers high-temperature resistance and electrostatic dissipative (ESD) properties, along with high stiffness. The combination of this material with the innovative Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) and TruLayer capabilities of the Lumia X1 produces parts with crisp edges, high accuracy, and very flat surfaces. 

Our beta customers have indicated that these ESD properties, combined with a smooth surface finish and impressive chemical resistance, make it an ideal material for electrical connectors, jigs, and fixtures for electronic manufacturing, under-the-hood automotive parts, and durable goods. The absolute accuracy of each part is independent of its location on the build platform making it a viable Injection Molding alternative. With a tensile modulus of 3000 MPa, a shore hardness of 86 D, and an HDT of 190°C at 0.455 MPa, Loctite® 3D IND3380 is an ideal end-use, functional ESD material.

The material is immediately available for order for the Lumia X1 3D Printer and delivered with fully dialed process profiles as part of Axtra Solutions™. 

Axtra3D’s CSO, Rajeev Kulkarni, says, “Expanding partnership with partners like Loctite enables us to build a material ecosystem that provides the best options of materials for our customers. It provides the best option in each material category. Specifically, the hardware innovations coupled with the best materials make the Lumia X1 a very differentiated and flexible option for our customers. It supports our Axtra Solutions™ and Axtra OpenAccess™ business models – one providing fully tuned solutions and the other supporting our customers’ need to experiment with new materials and applications.”

About Axtra3D


Based in the US and Italy, Axtra3D is a global company specializing in Hi-Speed SLA systems that eliminates tradeoffs between print throughput, accuracy, feature resolution, and surface finish, typically found in traditional SLA or DLP systems.

The flagship Lumia X1 Hi-Speed SLA system by Axtra3D represents a significant advancement, combining its Hybrid PhotoSynthesis resin polymerization process with TruLayer, a layer separation technology. HPS utilizes both a laser and a DLP to image simultaneously, while TruLayer enables rapid detachment of the active print layer, resulting in a 20X throughput improvement while preserving the accuracy and fidelity of SLA parts.

With a curated material portfolio, Axtra3D has developed over 15 certified solutions for industries such as Industrial, Healthcare, and Dental, serving a global customer base. These solutions range from direct-use ceramic molds to end-use electrical connectors, industrial parts, dental prosthetics, medical devices, jewelry patterns, and more. Axtra3D’s systems are available in North America, the EU, and Japan, and a broad range of customers have already benefitted from its diverse range of applications.

Axtra3D operates with two business models. 

Axtra Solutions™: This model provides fully optimized, turnkey 3D printing solutions. Customers receive complete print profiles fine-tuned for maximum performance and reliability, supported by Axtra3D’s Applications team and quality material partners.

Axtra OpenAccess™: This model further builds on Axtra Solutions™ and allows customers the flexibility to experiment with new materials and applications. It supports innovation and adaptability, enabling added flexibility.


Meredith Scott

M&C Project Manager

Rajeev Kulkarni

Chief Strategy Officer



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