Axtra3D® announces the scaling of its US Sales, Service and Materials Teams 

Jun 19, 2024, Charlotte, NC – Axtra3D, Inc., a rising leader in advanced additive manufacturing, is excited to announce the addition of two experienced Additive Manufacturing US Regional Sales Managers, Russell Lamoy and Greg Wilkman to our newly structured US revenue and growth team. This is in response to the rising demand for the Lumia X1 and to support our reseller and channel expansion. 

Also joining this team is Patrick Crompton, US Field and Application Engineer, who will lead the US service and support initiatives at Axtra3D and support the growing sales and service infrastructure. 

The Lumia X1’s Hi-Speed SLA system exhibits significant improvements over conventional SLA and DLP business models by eliminating tradeoffs between print throughput, accuracy, feature resolution, and surface finish. Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) utilizes both a laser and a DLP to image simultaneously, while TruLayer enables rapid detachment of the active print layer. It is actively used in manufacturing direct-use ceramic mold inserts using the Ultracur3D® RG 3280 Rigid Material in conjunction with Axtra3D’s Ceramic Mold Solution. Customers also benefit from the combination of HPS, TruLayer and functional prototyping capabilities afforded by high-toughness and high-rigidity materials like the LOCTITE® 3D 3843™.   

Russell Lamoy brings over 10 years of experience in the 3D printing industry, having held sales and revenue roles at 3D Systems, Markforged, Ultimaker, and HP’s Additive Manufacturing business. He has a proven track record of driving organic sales growth through channel sales. Also joining as the Regional Sales Manager focused on US, Greg Wilkman has 8 years of experience in the 3D printing industry. His diverse experience includes sales roles at Carbon, CAD Dimensions, and Cimquest Manufacturing Solutions, with a specialization in polymer 3D printing. Axtra3D will leverage their expertise and experience to shape the US reseller channel and sales organization. Patrick Crompton, with a very strong hands-on background in manufacturing, comes highly recommended from the MSOE Rapid Prototyping Center where he operated and managed DLP, SLS and FDM technologies. 

The company is thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Nancy Awwad, Ph.D. in Chemistry, to our materials and application team. With eight years of experience in photochemistry, including several years developing photopolymers for DLP and SLA technologies, she joins us as a Senior Materials & Applications Specialist. Dr. Awwad will lead the efforts in developing and qualifying application specific solutions. This demonstrates our commitment to enabling Axtra Solutions™ – fully optimized, turnkey 3D printing solutions for maximum performance and reliability.  

Axtra3D’s Chief Strategy Officer, Rajeev Kulkarni, says, ” Our team is proud to enhance our revenue and materials division with these skilled leaders, reaffirming our dedication to progress. This development continues Axtra3D’s journey toward sustainable growth as our technologies become more widely integrated into multiple industrial and healthcare verticals. Their expertise will enable our customers to effectively incorporate the HPS and TruLayer value propositions into their operations and business models. This is especially important as we expand our reseller channel footprint and offer our Axtra Solutions™ and Axtra OpenAccess™ business models – one providing fully tuned solutions and the other supporting our customers’ need to experiment with new materials and applications.”

About Axtra3D


Based in the US and Italy, Axtra3D is a global company specializing in Hi-Speed SLA systems that eliminates tradeoffs between print throughput, accuracy, feature resolution, and surface finish, typically found in traditional SLA or DLP systems.

The flagship Lumia X1 Hi-Speed SLA system by Axtra3D represents a significant advancement, combining its Hybrid PhotoSynthesis resin polymerization process with TruLayer, a layer separation technology. HPS utilizes both a laser and a DLP to image simultaneously, while TruLayer enables rapid detachment of the active print layer, resulting in a 20X throughput improvement while preserving the accuracy and fidelity of SLA parts.

With a curated material portfolio, Axtra3D has developed over 15 certified solutions for industries such as Industrial, Healthcare, and Dental, serving a global customer base. These solutions range from direct-use ceramic molds to end-use electrical connectors, industrial parts, dental prosthetics, medical devices, jewelry patterns, and more. Axtra3D’s systems are available in North America, the EU, and Japan, and a broad range of customers have already benefitted from its diverse range of applications.

Axtra3D operates with two business models. 

Axtra Solutions™: This model provides fully optimized, turnkey 3D printing solutions. Customers receive complete print profiles fine-tuned for maximum performance and reliability, supported by Axtra3D’s Applications team and quality material partners.

Axtra OpenAccess™: This model further builds on Axtra Solutions™ and allows customers the flexibility to experiment with new materials and applications. It supports innovation and adaptability, enabling added flexibility.


Meredith Scott

M&C Project Manager

Rajeev Kulkarni

Chief Strategy Officer



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